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CIF with NCB

Dear Credit Union Leaders:

The Foundation and National Cooperative Bank, N.A. (NCB) are excited to bring the Community Investment Fund Program to a broader audience. Through this collaborative effort, we are uniquely positioned to expand the impact of the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts and its innovative Community Investment Fund.  

As the bank to the cooperative community, NCB’s goal is to provide a set of deposit products that complement CIF’s existing product offerings available through the corporate Credit Unions. In addition, the Foundation and NCB have worked to ensure that the process to participate is simple so that your contribution to the Foundation can be put to work to help the credit union community immediately.

The Foundation programs funded through CIF have a profound impact. Everyday across America, the Foundation connects credit unions to their communities and helps members reach life-changing goals.

Our collaboration exemplifies the unique set of values we share as cooperatives. It is a chance to fulfill the principles of “cooperation among cooperatives” and “concern for community.” And, it is through working together that we can have an even greater impact on the communities credit unions serve.


Hannibal Brumskine II
Chief Financial and Operations Officer
National Credit Union Foundation
Charles E. Snyder
National Cooperative Bank, N.A.