REAL Solutions®

The National Credit Union Foundation's REAL Solutions program work with credit unions and state credit union leagues to develop products, programs and partnerships which result in affordable products and services for members and potential members, while at the same time growing the credit union and enhancing the bottom line.  

Currently, REAL Solutions builds member and consumer financial capability by offering: 

  • Toolkits for product development and meeting member needs
  • Credit Union Financial Counseling Certification (Enhanced FiCEP)
  • Resources to offer non-prime auto loans at credit union
  • Experiential Learning Programs (Reality Fairs, Retirement Fairs and Life Simulations)
  • Planning/coaching and speaking/training

REAL Solution is:  

  • A collaboration between the Foundation, credit union leagues and credit unions across the country to build an effective product menu that is mutually beneficial to members and the institutions.
  • Transformational programs that help credit unions serve members of modest means and put them on the track to financial freedom. 
  • Strategic impactful programs that provide credit union leaders with real lessons in empathy and compassion. Walking in another's shoe fosters understanding and builds relationships between credit union staff and members.
  • A catalyst for movement change-we introduce an idea or new product opportunity through pilots and presentations for movement use.

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